Why RPO?

Focus on M3( Make More Money) :

  • More time to do business development.
  • Increase in PR activities with clients.
  • More profits with less working capital.

Cost reduction in:

  • Infrastructure and utility expenses.
  • Salary ( up to 80% reduction in payroll cost)
  • IT and software Licenses.
  • Supporting function role. (e.g. payroll, hr, etc.)

Strong Delivery Partner:

  • Skilled, focused & committed delivery team.
  • Scale up or scale down recruitment team based on work forecast.
  • Quality profiles submission from day 1.

Less or no headache of internal team:

  • Internal recruitment, training & development.
  • Absenteeism & Annual paid leaves grievances.
  • Appraisal, Retention, Incentive/bonus.
  • HR Compliances, workplace & government policies, etc.

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RPO VS Internal Analysis