Why recruitment consultant can do a better to job to find suitable profile

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Finding a right team member who is professional, ethical and skilled for job opening is just a challenge these days and that’s why a dedicated recruitment consultant required to do a better job.

  • There are extremely good people are in industry and are been loyal to their employers. Many of those candidates are not listed on any job portals or they have not updated their profiles from long times.
  • Recruitment consultant have their own way to approach these kind of hidden jewel people through references, contacts, head hunting or just simple building long relation with them.
  • Secondly most of candidates prefer to discuss job opportunity after their business hours and generally are available to meet after business hour too. Recruitment consultant overcome these challenge by working after normal business hours.
  • Thirdly recruitment consultants are in touch with employers and candidates everyday, therefore they know what a good candidate look for and how, why and when candidate change a job. Every candidate required to be approach and to be treated differently as every candidate have different reason to change a job.
  • Many candidates who are ready to move on generally approach recruitment consultant for best suitable job to their profiles. Good recruitment consultant reference network is best tool of recruitment.
  • Most importantly recruitment consultant takes care of end to end process of recruitment, start from detailing job description, job posting, searching within referral network, searching on job portal, emailing and calling candidates, collecting and screening profiles, interviewing prior to sending to client, sending only suitable profiles to client for their consideration, arranging interview of short listed candidates, giving job offer, taking care of required joining documents, does reference check and at the end ensure candidate joins on committed date. To go through these process is just required good amount of time and effort.
  • Recruitment consultant are also well aware and most experienced of recruitment challenges. At the same time they are also well trained and known of how to tackle them as they face challenges of dealing with candidates everyday.
  • By engaging recruitment consultant to hire a candidate, company can focus on their core business.

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